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This website has been built to introduce you to Coleman Patterson and to some of the ideas and topics that he explores in his professional role.

As a student of leadership, management, and organization, it has become apparent that an organization's success is directly related to the effectiveness of its people.  Contemporary organizational writings and examples from industry describe effective organizations as made up of independent and self-active people who can identify needs and opportunities, and then marshal the resources needed to meet the needs.  These self-active "leaders" are needed throughout organizations--from the tops to the bottoms.  It also requires that organizational members know when to lead and when to follow.

It is rare for managers and leaders to figure this out solely by themselves.  It is more efficient to receive training and instruction on the principles of leadership, management, and organization than learning only from direct experience.  By studying and exploring what others have experienced, studied, and made sense of, students of leadership, management, and organization can advance their understanding and effectiveness more quickly and fully than they can working in isolation.

On the pages of this website it is described how leadership, management, and organizational principles can be applied to colleges and universities and how organizations can benefit from leadership and management education through a series of training programs.




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