After a long history at Hardin-Simmons University, the Model United Nations (MUN) program was brought back to campus in the 2012-2013 school year under the umbrella of the Leadership Studies Program.  Problem solving, communication, negotiation, diplomacy, conflict resolution, teamwork, and leadership reside at the core of the MUN experience. 

Through MUN, participants learn how the United Nations works and the roles that it fulfills around the world.  Participants learn about global issues and research and simulate how countries on our planet come together to develop solutions to those issues.  Health, education, economics, law, security, and human rights issues are studied and debated in MUN conferences around the world

Through the MUN experience, students practice working together to derive solutions to complex geo-political problems, develop an appreciation for cultures and national differences, and gain a understanding of careers in diplomacy and international affairs.  The MUN experience has proved itself to be a valuable addition to the Leadership Studies Program at HSU.

Participants in the inaugural Texas Collegiate Model United Nations Conference hosted by Hardin-Simmons University, January 30 - February 1, 2015.
Students from Baylor University, University of Texas-Permian Basin, Texas Christian University, Hardin-Simmons University, and Mentora College.


Texas Collegiate Model United Nations Conference
January 30 - February 1, 2015
Hosted by HSU Leadership Studies Program

HSU students hosted a delegation of international students from Turkey during the conference.  This picture is after two-step dancing lessons on the evening before the conference.

Vienna International Model United Nations Conference
Vienna, Austria, August 2014
Best Delegate Award--Security Council, Best Delegate Award--ECOSOC Committee, Honorable Mention Best Delegate--Human Rights Council

Amy Powell, Julianne Kucera, Katie Atman, Lyndsey Blagrave, Aaron Henry, Hannah Perkins, Josh Groves

Howard Payne University Security Council Simulations
Brownwood, TX, March 2014
Honorable Mention Best Delegates (Historical Simulation) and Recognized Delegate (Contemporary Simulation)

Lyndsey Blagrave, Maddie McDonald, Meagan Futrelle, Katelynn Willeford, Erin Hagood, Leila Lovett, Kylie Donch, Amy Powell, Hannah Perkins, Julianne Kucera, Katie Atman, Alexa-Rae Gist, Caleb Bryant, Aaron Henry, Joshua Groves, Andrew Bennett, Mark Aidelojie, Chad Moore

Vienna International Model United Nations Conference
Vienna, Austria, August 2013
Best Delegate Award
in 44-member UNODC Committee

Andrew Bennett, Madison McDonald, Josh Groves, Holly Enloe

Howard Payne University Security Council Simulation
Brownwood, TX, March 2013
Best Position Paper Award,
Four Honorable Mention Best Delegate Awards

Rebecca Loney,
Andrea Beard, Meghan Martin, Stephanie Ham, Holly Enloe, Austin Esquivel, Caleb Bryant, Alexis Chuah, Jacqueline Thorman, Rebekah Gilligan, Katie McCarty, Coleman Patterson, Josh Groves, Christian Briones, Andrew Bennett, Drew White, Nathan Newman

National Model United Nations Conference
Washington D. C., October 2012
Honorable Mention Best Delegation Award
The Philippines"

Kristina Alexander, Gracie Hebert, Rebecca Loney, Leila Lovett, Mindy Rogers, Ethan Tan, Drew White, Austin Esquivel, Julia Bradley, Caleb Bryant, Rachel Feese, Andrew Bennett

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