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One remark that I hear from former undergraduate business students is that they wished that they'd had some "real world experience" under their belts before taking their college management and organization classes.  Concepts that seemed abstract, intuitive, or clear-cut in the classroom quickly gained new relevance and complexity once the students began working in "real world" organizations.  It is not unusual to receive a phone call or e-mail from a former student who, after advancing into a position of responsibility, desires a refresher lesson about some topic or concept covered in a former class. 

The realization that education in leadership, management, and organization takes on great significance for those in leadership and management positions led to creating a training program for working professionals which introduces (or reintroduces) them to these critical organizational topics.

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Coleman Patterson has pulled together some of the most important ideas and concepts from the fields of leadership, management, and organization into a series of training sessions to benefit members of all types of organizations.  Topics such as: division of labor and basic economic theory, systems theory and interdependence, organization theory, management and leadership, individual differences and personality, groups and teams, motivation, decision-making, power and influence, change, communication, and creativity make up some of the core topics in leadership, management, and organization.  He teaches these topics using what he has found as his most successful teaching methods. 

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Coleman is known as an exciting, energetic, engaging, and creative teacher.  Through his 15 years of teaching graduate and undergraduate leadership, management, and business courses, he has found ways to make complex and sophisticated theoretical concepts easy to understand by emphasizing integration, understanding, and application.  Participants are put into an environment where they wrestle with the concepts and skills of leadership through in-class exercises with application to their out-of-class organizational experiences.

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