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I attended a professional conference on the "Future of Baptist Higher Education."  I was expecting to hear about ground breaking and innovative methods and strategies that schools are using to grow their institutions.  Rather, I heard philosophers and theologians read papers about defining the meanings and purposes of Christian higher education and the roles of academe in society.  A recurring theme of the meetings was "we have begun a dialog about these important issues, and that is good."  I left the meetings disappointed and rather bewildered.   I went to the meetings expecting something different.

I wanted to hear about the future of Baptist higher education.  I wanted to learn about and see in my mind what tomorrow's institutions will look like and what they will do to meet the needs of our future society.  I wanted to see how our schools will position themselves to be even more relevant in the future and discover the plans that will be enacted to position today's schools for future success.

Instead of waiting to hear about these concepts from others, I have decided to put my own brain and thoughts to these topics--as they specifically relate to small, private, liberal arts colleges and universities.  These will be added as they are completed.





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