Our 2013 Bike Ride Across Texas from El Paso to Texarkana was so successful that we are getting ready for another ride this summer.  For BRAT2, we'll ride from Brownsville to the top of the Panhandle and beyond.  The trip will take place during the first two weeks of May Term 2014.

We've reached all of our fundraising goals!  Thanks for your help and for making HSU a special place for students.

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BRAT Purpose and Mission

The participants on the "Bike Ride Across Texas" gain leadership, organization, and teamwork skills through the planning, preparation, and execution of the project. From goal setting, critical thinking, planning, and problem solving to motivation, conflict resolution, awareness of individual differences, supportive communication, teamwork, and project management, the "Bike Ride Across Texas" gives Leadership Studies Program students opportunities to practice and develop leadership and organization skills in a real project.

As part of the ride, participants also use the experience to preach the importance of life-long fitness, healthy living, and bicycle safety to people along the 925-mile route. Through newspaper stories, television appearances, and publicity on the ride through our university, we get to tell others that obesity prevention, exercise, and healthy living are important issues for all Texans. Three elementary school presentations in Abilene on our mid-point layover will put us face-to-face with young people--who will hopefully make fitness and exercise regular parts of their lives.



BRAT2 story appearing on the HSU website (5/6/14).


BRAT 2014 route: Brownsville, Premont, Tilden, Uvalde, Eden, Abilene, Paducah, Wheeler, Liberal (Kansas)--925 miles.


Bike Ride Across Texas 2 Sponsors


Special thanks to a wonderfully generous supporter from HSU as well as parents, grandparents, family members, and friends of our riders.



Four of our BRAT2 riders at completion of 60-mile Colorado River Bikefest ride in Ballinger on April 26, 2014.


Six of our eight BRAT2 riders at completion of 32-mile Steam-N-Wheels ride in Abilene on March 22, 2014.

Email Dr. Patterson at pattersn@hsutx.edu to learn more and get aboard.


BRAT2 is proud to be an advocate for the President's Challenge--promoting physical fitness, exercise, and healthy living to Texans of all ages.  Find an active hobby and make exercise a regular part of your life.


News and Highlights from BRAT 2013.

Story by HSU Communication at mid-point of ride.

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Photos from BRAT1
Video clips from Patterson vehicle on BRAT1
Video clips from Sanderson vehicle on BRAT1

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